Rules and regulations

Coin flip decides who goes first

Usually the visitor if their is one calls it.

Must call the exact posture(s) you want to do

You have to be specific about your called posture or else the opponent can get in and out however they can.

Can combine up to two postures

You may combine up to two postures any more doesn't count and could result in losing a turn.

Cannot repeat same posture more than once per round

You may not repeat the same posture more than once, however you may use that posture in a variation or combo with another pose.

Must hold for solid 3 count

1.....2.....3......GOOD and held up to 30 sec max.

Up to 2 taps allowed max

If a player is in a balancing strength posture and taps the floor to get their balance it is ok up to 2 taps. Then the posture does not count.

1 second attempt allowed each

Player can call up to 1  second attempt each. 

Last attempt facing elimination gets 2 trys

When you are down and out Y-O-G-? you get a second attempt before facing the pit of misery!...kidding, but you do get 2 try's.

Good Luck and Skill!