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Every player chooses a charity to battle for. Money raised from the event is split evenly to all the charities. The winner receives more. Its a great way to give back through Yoga.

Yoga Pro Tour 2018

We are stoked to be announcing the world's first Yoga Pro Tour coming to the USA 2018. It will consist of 4 major events with the last one being the finals at One Fire Hot Yoga Festival.

Season 1 Pilot

We are working on finalizing our sponsors for the 2018 season to film our season 1 pilot for Netflix, Facebook tv, and YouTube TV Stay tuned for our upcoming projects on those outlets.




Battle Asana is a fun event created around the game Y-O-G-A (similar to H-O-R-S-E or S-K-A-T-E) where players go back and fourth setting yoga poses to be completed by the other player until one spells the word YOGA. The game was created to raise awareness, spread yoga, and entertain.

Through mindfulness, the game Y-O-G-A inspires yogis all over the world to learn new postures, balance their strengths, and have fun with their friends. Yoga Asanas (the physical yoga moves) are challenging and come with consistent practice. We want to inspire everyone including you to practice yoga, be more aware, and discover what yoga means to you.

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.

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One Fire Hot Yoga Festival is the world's best in Hot Yoga and more as well as the Battle Grounds for The Yoga Pro Tour's Universal Championships Nov 17th 2018 #VivaOneFire

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